CarbonLeap drives a revolution, taking the voluntary CO2 savings market into a new era of acceleration and impact through Carbon Insetting.

We’re not just about making promises; we’re about making a difference. Our mission? To arm businesses like yours with the tools to slash through Scope 1 and Scope 3 emissions—those direct and indirect environmental baddies lurking in your supply chain.
Enter our game-changing ‘Carbon Insetting’ process. Think of it as the secret sauce to your sustainability strategy. It’s all about targeting those emissions right where they start, transforming your supply chain into a lean, green, carbon-cutting machine. This isn’t just good for the planet; it’s smart business. Reducing your carbon footprint boosts your competitive edge and secures your spot as a leader in today’s eco-conscious market.

We're here to connect the dots—linking companies ready to reduce their direct emissions with those eager to clean up their supply chain act.

Together, for a more sustainable future!
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Nice words from clients and experts

Insetting solutions as those offered by Carbon Leap and others are needed to kick-start the uptake of low GHG fuels ahead of oncoming regulations. This will drive the necessary innovation in production and use of those fuels by solving the principal agent problem

Faber, Jasper

Policy advisor sustainable shipping, Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Waterstaat

Logo of the dutch government authorities.
helps us build off the CO2 in a certified way.. With that
we have an opportunity to distinguish ourselves commercially with customers who are also increasingly looking at sustainable products. If you have your CO2 reduction in order, you will bring in more customers

De Wraaij, Jerome

Global Sustainability Manager, Meelunie

Logo of Meelunie
Doing more good rather than doing less bad within a value chain

World Economic Forum

Characterizing Carbon Insetting

Logo of the World Economic Forum
...tackling the carbon emissions of their suppliers, rather than offsetting their emissions in the controversial voluntary carbon market

Temple-West, Patrick

Journalist, Financial Times

Logo of the Financial Times.
While carbon offsetting has a positive impact on the environment, it doesn’t reduce the transport sector’s carbon footprint. Carbon “insetting” opens a new and very promising pathway to decarbonizing the global freight transportation network.


How we can decarboize freight shipping

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